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"How Yoga Works" by Geshe Michael Roach

I was looking for a book that was not self-help or non-fiction. I wanted a story. I wanted something that I can fall into. I read a lot of books; meditation, self-help, yoga. These books are great but when I got this book, it was the best of both worlds. It had a fabulous little story line but it was also combined with Yoga, specifically "The Yoga Sutras" which are compiled by Patanjali . The Sutras help to outline the 8 limbs of yoga and if you know anything about yoga it has only very little to do about the poses. Though the poses are important the yoga sutras are almost like a code to live by. This book beautifully marries a great story with how to live. The best part of the book is that the narrator/main character is a young woman and she helps to transform this little jail in India. She is traveling to India to further her education about the yoga sutras, however, as a woman of that time this is not usually something that is accepted. While traveling through a small town she is stopped by the town police. She is taken to a jail for "contraband", which happened to be her book on the Yoga Sutras. She explains what it is and tries to show them it is hers by reading the pages, but no one can determine if it is correct because they are unable to read the ancient texts. The captain of the jail tells her that if she can fix his back through yoga then he will know that this is her book. And so the story begins! She goes in to detail and points out different versus from the yoga sutras, she explains that your actions now can cause your pain (physical, mental or emotional) or fortune later. One thing that this little book (actually big book, 400 pages) brings to light is that people are watching you. When you are doing something for your health and wellness and it is working people are watching and seeing your transformation, and they want some of that, and they start to follow in your footsteps, and then the cycle continues. I love this book because though it is a great story it also makes you think and dig a little bit deeper into your soul and the purpose of life. Even if you're not a yogi, I recommend this book!

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