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Cooking with Gina (CWG)

Cooking with Gina is something that I stumbled upon, because I like to cook and share, build recipes and be in the kitchen and I have this online community and network that I wanted to make fun! My friend and I Marco Polo (video message) each other pretty frequently and one time I was cooking, and she was watching the video live. She quickly decided that I should definitely do cooking with Gina through Zoom it's like Food Network but you can ask questions as you're cooking along with me. I try to make a lot of my offerings accessible and this one doesn't disappoint. You can just sign-up, if you like it and want to contribute you're welcome to make a donation to help CWG continue!

Next Friday, June 25th, we will be making White Bean Spread with Pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. Mmmh, it's so good; with the combination of some of my favorite "sauces", I created a recipe that brings them together in an easy to eat wrap! Within the sessions we talk about how to chop things, what are the benefits of ingredients, why going vegan might be a good option for you, even if it's only 1 day or one meal out of your week! If you can't join or make it but would like to learn more about meal planning you can contact me through my email at

Coming soon... baking with Gina. What do y'all think?

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