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Cat Love

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

About 6 months ago, I reluctantly acquired a cat... I am not an animal person, let alone a cat person! And we did not like each other at first. I mean, all she did was hiss at me and give me dirty looks. She really had a hard time getting used to her new home and her big move. She had a lot of anxiety and threw up for almost 4-5 months on and off. It got so bad, 3-4 times a day, that we thought it might be something bad and we would have to put her down. Now all is well and we are happy she is the little grey fluff ball walking around our house.

Well, a lot of work and acceptance on each of our parts have gotten us to the place we are now. We are lost without each other. It is nice to know that she is roaming around or sitting on the floor by my feet. However, I can do without the meows and purrs of the hungry "food monster", when it is close to dinner time. We now (almost) touch noses to show our form of affection to each other. I say almost because if you know me, a germaphobe, I will not be accepting licks or even touching noses.

Anyway, she has softened to me and I to her. My friend recently adopted a cat, but she was always a cat person, and it is fun to compare cat stories with her, her feline friend is named Chester. She sent me this little note from "Notes from the Universe":

"Do you know why dogs are so quick to wag their tails and cats are so quick to purr? Even the ones that have been lonely, abused, and betrayed?

  Because, as is true of all animals, they were instilled with the distant awareness that no matter what the world shows them, they're still deeply loved and needed, that their presence alone has made a difference, and that in just the shake of a leg, seemingly without reason or rhyme, everything can FANTASTICALLY change for the better. 

As is true of all people, except sometimes they tend to forget."

When I read this, I think to myself how she might have felt moving and having a new human person (me) to figure out. And amongst all her worries, she found some time to show a little itty bit of affection with small purrs and meows, which softened my heart and now we are inseparable.

Shout out to my furry best friend. <3 ...And now I am officially a cat lady.

To conclude, openness and acceptance is a lovely thing.

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1 comentario

21 feb 2018

This was such a sweet read! :)

Me gusta
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